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How to store belts?

In order to store the rubber belt correctly, it is best to lay it flat on the crossbeam or hang it on a tubular support wall with a diameter of at least 10 times the height of the belt cross-section. Long belts can be coiled into small loops to save space. The winding method shown in the figure can be used, while short belts can be stored on shelves. However, it should be noted that the stacking should not be higher than 300mm, as too high may cause deformation of the bottom belt. Finally, hooks and nails are not suitable for hanging belts. The rubber belt can be stored for 7-8 years without causing any performance or reliability loss.


In order to obtain correct storage, some factors need to be considered.


The storage room should be kept dry, well ventilated, and suitable containers should be used, not directly stored on the floor.


The most suitable temperature for storing belts should be within the range of+5 ℃ to+30 ℃. Every increase of 8 ℃ can reduce the lifespan of the belt by half, and storage above 50 ℃ is not allowed at all. Lower temperatures can also harden the belt. To avoid belt damage during start-up before the machine is running, the belt must be heated to around 20 degrees Celsius. In addition, higher temperatures caused by heating should be avoided, and the distance from the heat source should be at least 1 meter.


The relative humidity should be below 70%, and an increase in humidity will not cause serious material damage, but will cause the height of the transmission belt to elongate.


The belt should be protected from light, especially direct sunlight and high ultraviolet light (neon lights).


Devices that generate ozone, such as high-voltage motors or crescent light sources, should not be installed in storage rooms. In addition, burning gases and vapors can also cause ozone and should be avoided.


Flammable materials, lubricants, acids, and any other harmful substances should not be stored in storage rooms, as these substances may affect or even irreparable damage the belt material.


If you need to clean the belt for any reason, please soak it in a 1:10 mixture of glycerol/alcohol and water with a dry towel for 10 minutes, wring it dry and gently wiping the belt. Other solvents, such as gasoline or benzene fumigants, cannot be used. Sharp objects should not be used to clean the belt.

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