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Longyi Rubber Products Factory: A Perfect Blend of ISO 9001 Certification and Product Innovation

Longyi Rubber Products Factory: A Perfect Blend of ISO 9001 Certification and Product Innovation

Longyi Rubber Products Factory, a manufacturer dedicated to innovation and quality, has recently been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification. This certification is a testament to our excellence in quality management for the rubber drive belts we use in automotive and industrial transmission systems, including timing belts, multi-wedge belts, and V-belts.

Our product range encompasses various types, including automotive fan belts, alternator drive belts, and engine timing belts. Utilizing advanced, durable rubber for our timing belts, our products such as industrial belts and drive belts are highly regarded both within and outside the industry for their wear resistance and high transmission efficiency.

Longyi Rubber Products Factory not only provides standard-sized belts, such as round belts and toothed belts but also offers customized services for clients with specific needs. Whether it’s high-temperature-resistant engine belts for automobiles or specific model parts for brands like Ford, Toyota, Honda, or BMW, we cater to all.

In the modern automotive industry, the synchronization of the crankshaft to the camshaft is vital, which is why our cam belts and V-belts undergo rigorous testing to ensure peak performance even at high speeds. We’ve also developed special application belts such as double-sided timing belts and car air conditioner belts, as well as high-performance belts targeting the premium market, like Japan’s Bando and America’s Gates.

Our V-belts are widely applied in agricultural machinery and heavy industrial equipment thanks to their abrasive resistance and robust design, making them particularly suitable for harsh working conditions.

Our belts also cater to industrial fans and pulleys, indispensable components of any production line.

Longyi Rubber Products Factory will continue to innovate and maintain the leading edge of our product line, including flat belts, vee belts, multi v-belts, and special transmission belts.

Securing the ISO 9001 certification not only demonstrates our commitment to quality but further solidifies our position in the global market. We look forward to establishing more stable and long-term relationships with customers and partners both domestically and internationally, driving technological advancement to meet the ever-growing market demand for high-quality rubber products.

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