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Industrial and agricultural V-ribbed belt

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Product Description

Longyi Industrial and agricultural ribbed v belt is a kind of transmission belt

products widely used in agriculture, industry and other fields. It has gained a high reputation in the market for its durability, high efficiency and stable performance. Here are some of the key features and benefits of our multi-belt:
1. Durability: The tape is made of high quality rubber and high strength fiber material, with strong tensile strength and wear resistance, long service life.
2. Efficient transmission: The special design of the multi-chock belt makes it have good meshing effect in the transmission process, which can effectively reduce power loss and improve transmission efficiency.
3. Strong adaptability: the multi-chock belt can adapt to a variety of working environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dust, etc., with good environmental adaptability.
4. Easy installation: The multi-tape adopts a fast installation method, without complicated adjustment, which can greatly save the installation time and cost.
5. High stability: the multi-chock belt has good stability during the working process, small vibration and low noise, which is conducive to improving the reliability of equipment operation.
6. Wide application: Multi-chock belts are widely used in agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, transportation and other fields, and can be used to drive various types of mechanical equipment.

Type Height Center Distance Wedge Angle Length Standard Weight/m
mm kgs
PH 2.6 1.6 40 200-2466 0.008
PJ 3.8 2.34 40 250-3400 0.01
PL 7.5 4.7 40 900-6069 0.036
PM 14.5 9.4 40 1500-4826 0.124
DPJ 5.6 2.34 40 250-3400 0.02
DPK 7 3.56 40 500-3500 0.03
DPL 10 4.7 40 900-3000 0.062
PK 4.8 3.56 40 600-3500 0.02

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