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Established in 1996, our factory is a leading producer of rubber belts, including multi-wedge, V-belts, timing belts, automotive belts, and belts for industrial and agricultural use. Spanning 50 acres with over 200 employees, we have modern production facilities ensuring high-quality output. Our annual production value reaches 100 million RMB, highlighting our strong market presence. We are committed to innovation and quality, catering to diverse needs in both domestic and international markets.

Enterprise purpose

sincere cooperation, Based on integrity

Company vision

To be the most respected enterprise in society and create a world-class enterprise

Company mission

to increase more income for employees and make greater contributions to society

Longyi spirit

lean, hard work, unity and cooperation, absolute loyalty to the enterprise

The development of rubber belt needs to consider the following aspects:

The maintenance method of rubber belt has the following points:

Quality Classification

Surface classification

Fiber classification

Raw Material classification

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